When should you close your pool?


Some pool owners think pools should be closed when the kids head back to school, but there is actually time left to enjoy the pool. In fact, closing or covering your pool too early can be counterproductive. Many micro-organisms (algae and bacteria) can thrive and reproduce if a pool is covered with the water temperature too warm. You should wait until the pool water temperature drops below 65 degrees to begin winterizing, or off-season closing. Also an open pool is more attractive than a closed pool.

Another way to extend the enjoyment of your pool beyond the summer is to add a gas or electric heater. With the high efficiency rating of today's pool heaters, you can extend the use of your backyard pool for a nominal fee to your utility bill. Please contact us at (703) 451-5905 if you are interested in adding a pool heater or replacing/upgrading your existing pool heater for a free estimate and consultation.

When you are ready to winterize your pool, do it the right way - with BioGuard Chemicals and the expert winterization by the pool service professionals at Dominion Aquatics.

Winterize your pool the right way - 
with Bioguard®  Chemicals and 
Dominion Aquatics' professional
complete closing winterization.

For Your 
Pick Up a 
Pool Closing Kit
for a 12,000 gal ($33.00) pool
or a 24,000 gal ($66.00) pool


2014 WINTER CLOSINGS $300.00  
Dominion Aquatics is now taking appointments for Winter Pool 
Closings.  Please call (703) 451-5905 to schedule your pool for a 
professional winterization  by our highly trained, full-time, year 
round personnel. Our Winterizations  include the following:
Lower the pool water level at least 6" below the tile line, blow 
out and plug all the filter plumbing lines, use anti-freeze where
needed and add winter chemicals for up to 24,000 gallons 
of pool water.  We will remove pool ladders, rails, diving 
boards and pool motors upon request.
Partial Pool Closing
Partial w/ D.E.
Includes the above plus installing pool cover.
Complete w/ a Solid Cover  
Complete w/ a Mesh Cover  
Complete w/ 2 Covers  
Complete w/ D.E. add  
 $  40.00
Closing Chemicals include:
2 lbs Winter Shock, 1 qt Winter Algicide
Anti-freeze as needed
Blow the lines
Customer must lower water and add their own chemicals.
Dominion Aquatics will supply Anti-freeze as needed.
Call early to ensure closing date.

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